Welcome to the wheelchair section of O’Sullivans Mobility Aids. Find a great selection of wheelchairs and accessories in this section. 

We aim to offer a wide selection of top quality wheelchairs, from self-propelled wheelchairs to transit wheelchairs! We also stock electric, powered wheelchairs also known as mobility powerchairs. In our quest to improve daily mobility we also supply a range of accessories for wheelchairs.

For more information on specific wheelchair types click on the links below:

Self-propelled chairs are propelled by the user and are primarily for daily living including sport.

Enigma K-Chair self-propelled wheelchair ireland dublin cork galway

Self-propelled wheelchair

Transit models are attendant-propelled and used mainly in home-care environments and require a carer or loved one to push.

Enigma Transit Wheelchair dublin cork

Aluminium Transit wheelchair

Mobility powerchairs are battery powered and are suitable for those with limited upper-body strength and do not require a carer.

mobility powerchair Ireland electric wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchair Powerchair

Accessories can transform your wheelchair experience, from simple rain covers and bags to battery packs that help you push your wheelchair.

Furthermore, we’ve written a number of blogs to cover all aspects. Whether your just starting out or a seasoned user, our blogs are sure to offer some insight.

Maintenance Blog

Whether you use your wheelchair occasionally or on a regular basis; maintenance and appropriate use are key factors to ensure you get the most out of your wheelchair!

Wheelchair Purchase Blog

Some things deserve to be the perfect fit. At O’Sullivans Mobility  Aids, we believe that your wheelchair should be one of them. When buying a wheelchair for the first time, the vast number of choices that you are faced with can seem quite daunting and it is no surprise that many of the people we talk to can feel rather overwhelmed. So how do you know when you have found the perfect fit? We’re here for you to make this process simple, straightforward and stress free. We’ve put together a list of what we believe are the most important points for you to focus on when you are on your journey to finding your perfect wheelchair size.